clare burson

silver and ash

thank you steve almond!

the super-awesome writer, STEVE ALMOND, wrote a lovely little review about SILVER AND ASH in his latest list of albums we should get our hands on (even though you can’t get your hands on mine yet):

Clare Burson
Silver and Ash
A softly devastating suite of songs that reveal themselves with the slow grace of an antique music box. There’s a story here, subtle but persistent, about the people who came before us, and the miracle of our births.

thank you, steve almond!



  Ted wrote @

When can we buy the CD for Silver and Ash?

  clareburson wrote @

ted – the album won’t be released until early next year, but for a sneak peek/ listen, go to my myspace page: i’ll definitely let people know when the album is available for sale. thanks!

  Ted wrote @

Wow, it sounds great, really strong. I wish I had been able to see you and Kathleen when you guys were out and about. Your voice has a warmth I really enjoy listening to. Looking forward to the new CD.

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