clare burson

silver and ash

buttons + food = excitement!

as i prepare for the release of SILVER AND ASH, i’m busily constructing all sorts of fun arts and crafts projects.  one of which is the creation of handmade SILVER AND ASH art buttons.  i’m hard at work cutting and trimming and working the lever of the button machine to make little gems like these:

i’m in love with them.  i hope you will be too.  (the photograph doesn’t really do them justice.)

also, i’m working with the fabulous visual artist/ historical gastronomist sarah lohman to create a series of intimate concerts using food and drink to bring alive the songs and stories of SILVER AND ASH through taste, smell, touch, and sight. more on this as location/ dates/ times are nailed down, but the events look to be pretty scrumptious!



  Beth Landau wrote @

Gosh, I remember. As a kid, you had this varied and cool broach collection. Is this a tip of the hat to your childhood? Or has this been ever thus?

  clareburson wrote @

ah yes. a different broach every day. i hadn’t thought of this project in terms of my pin collection, but i suppose you’re right in drawing that connection. i recently gained access to a button maker and hundreds upon hundreds of button parts, so i figured i’d make use of this new bounty of mine . . .

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