clare burson

silver and ash


it looks like my crazy SILVER AND ASH + FOOD idea is becoming a reality.  if you live in nyc or happen to be visiting the city on the night of JUNE 10th, join me and historic gastronomist SARAH LOHMAN for a unique evening of music, food, history and memory.

the official description of the event is as follows:

This intimate event at the historic Henry Street Settlement House will feature Clare performing SILVER AND ASH, a song cycle inspired by her grandmother’s escape from Germany in 1938 and Burson’s own struggle with the legacy of family secrets and loss. As Clare performs, audience members will participate in a four course meal comprised of dishes prepared by Ms. Lohman that, like SILVER AND ASH, progress from late 19th century Eastern Europe through Weimar Germany and 1950’s Tennessee, and end in present day Brooklyn.

This one-night-only event will be an interactive presentation of performance, dining and history that should not be missed.

With melodic minimalism and the sonic textures of Brooklyn and the American South, SILVER AND ASH the album, produced by Grammy nominated Tucker Martine, will be released by Rounder Records in 2010. Guests at this event will receive a limited edition 3-song preview sampler. Wine pairings will be included, and seating is limited.

The cost is $60.00 per ticket; please go to to reserve a seat.


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