clare burson

silver and ash


i think it’s fitting that the jewish new year begins (for me, at least) with the release of a new record, so, once you’ve eaten your apples and honey and thrown bread crumbs into the river, spend part of your day on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, picking up a copy of SILVER AND ASH!!!  you will find it anywhere music is sold – digitally or physically!!!!

while you wait in anticipation for the clock to strike 12 on the 14th, grab a wedge of your favorite cheese to nibble on, and read the following articles, which pave the way for the release:




and, if you are in LOS ANGELES on 9-13-10 or NYC on 9-16-10, come out to my cd release shows at the HOTEL CAFE and JOE’S PUB!

early reviews of the album are quite glowing:

“a softly devastating suite of songs that reveal themselves with the slow grace of an antique music box.”

“finely polished, profound and must hear record…with good arrangements, great songwriting, intellectual lyrics, beautiful tone and true inspiration, this is storytelling at its best.”

“crystalline, immaculate.”

“elegantly arranged and genuinely affecting.”



  Barbara wrote @

Hi Clare,
I was delighted to learn about your ancient cheese, especially since I happen to be reading The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern. Clues to our heritage pop up in unexpected ways.


  Ryan wrote @

Hi Clare,

My name is Ryan and I’d like to include you in a year-end interview feature I’m working on for my music website. Obviously there are far more details but I’d rather email them to you directly.

I’m unsure whether you still use this wordpress but please email me back if you’re interested as ‘Silver and Ash’ continues to compete for year-end recognition.

Best wishes,

Ryan / SCQ

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