clare burson

silver and ash

1 . silence

i write songs. i sing them. i accompany myself on a very old gibson guitar.


i have independently released three albums: the in-between, idaho, and thieves.


my favorite songs are waltzes. my favorite music is the space between notes. quiet secrets. stillness. silence.


(strange, right? a musician who prefers silence to sound? maybe, but there are more than a few of us around.)


my current project, funded by the six points fellowship, is something of a meditation on silence and my deep need both to surround myself with it and to fill it – by speaking the unspoken, remembering the forgotten, and imagining the lost.


in march 2009 i will release a collection of songs inspired by my own family stories, both told and untold. the songs will imagine exodus from eastern europe and germany to the united states in the early twentieth century. they will explore the impact of silence passed from one generation to the next. they will hope to understand the often traumatic confluence of the political with the personal.


on a lighter note, this process of dredging up the past will be accompanied by a 100+ year old petrified wedge of home made cheese from lithuania . . .



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  gregfx wrote @


I look forward to the March ’09 release, and to your next visit to northern Virginia– so I can buy “Undone” at a live show (if there are any copies left…)

That way, I’ll have five Clare Burson CDs for my 5-disc tray, and I just hit “play/repeat” all day.

Keep up the great songwriting, and puhleeeze come back to Jammin’ Java… or Birchmere… soon!

Greg F

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